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沃娜 - 马来西亚永昌工业有限公司子公司,主要业务以瑞士技术开发芦荟护肤品,产品供应销往东南亚等地。永昌工业有限公司1982年成立。业务涵盖进出口进投资,销售,织袜,染纱,制衣,种植等.

Vernal Nature is a subsidiary of Yong Chang group of companies established in 1982 and incorporated in Kulai, Johor, Malaysia. Yong Chang group is a pioneering corporation involved in various trades ranging from textile processing. Recent years have seen a gradual rise in the beauty and cosmetics industry.

Following encouraging response from market analysis, Young Chang group took to venturing into field by launching a subsidiary called VERNAL NATURE. Through intensive research on the humble Aloe Vera plant, VERNAL NATURE discovered a way to extract, process and preserve the healing properties of Aloe Vera without altering its natural essence. Using highly advanced techniques and a Swiss imported formula, the natural goodness of Aloe Vera can be reserved in its most organic form.
All VERNAL NATURE products are free from heavy metals, fragrance, alcohol and harmful additives. Therefore, Vernal Aloe range is similar to picking the freshest Aloe Vena Plant and bottling it with all its natural goodness intact. Through funding and strong backing from its mother company, VERNAL NATURE conducted various tests on natural beauty ingredients and discovered that the potent benefits of Aloe Vena surpassed all other natural plant ingredients in terms of its concentrated moisturizing and healing properties.

Always in search for perfection, VERNAL NATURE took one step further to reserve the delicate properties of Aloe Vera without contaminating or diluting the natural genetic makeup of the plant.

Our products

天然优质原料 - 芦荟 (三至五年树龄最有疗效)



  • 富含葡萄籽油 – 天然的抗氧化物
  • 丰富维生素 – 提供充足养分
  • 保湿因子(芦荟) – 保持肌肤水分


各种肤质适用弱酸性 PH 5。5 亲肤性佳。品质纯正,温和适用于各部位男女老幼皆适宜

产品安全天然原料 产地无污染无添加有害物质与重金属,经马来西亚卫生部检验合格

VERNAL 品牌的特点

Vernal 为青春与年轻之意系列产品都是以天然芦荟为基础,让使用者用了产品后都能使肌肤更健康,更青春,更年轻。

VERNAL 产品的特点
  • 天然优质原料 -  质量保证
  • 先进配方         -  领先业界
  • 高新生化科技 -  效果保证
  • 各种肤质适用 -  市场广大
  • 产品绝对安全 -  安全保证
  • 效果显著         -  顾客介绍顾客

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