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VERNAL 鲜芦荟淡斑美白组合 *芦荟洁肤乳/*芦荟精华露/*天然黄晶cc霜/芦荟淡斑精华露

Nov 3, 2014
VERNAL 鲜芦荟淡斑美白组合 *芦荟洁肤乳/*芦荟精华露/*天然黄晶cc霜/芦荟淡斑精华露
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VERNAL 鲜芦荟美白组合 *芦荟洁肤乳/*芦荟精华露/*天然黄晶cc霜

Nov 3, 2014
VERNAL 鲜芦荟美白组合 *芦荟洁肤乳/*芦荟精华露/*天然黄晶cc霜
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鲜芦荟系列 VERNAL C6 护理洗发精 & 芦荟蓖麻籽精华发胶

Nov 3, 2014
鲜芦荟系列 VERNAL C6 护理洗发精 & 芦荟蓖麻籽精华发胶
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VERNAL 鲜芦荟(保湿配套) *芦荟洁肤乳/*芦荟精华露/*天然舒特保湿精华

Nov 3, 2014
VERNAL 鲜芦荟(保湿配套) *芦荟洁肤乳/*芦荟精华露/*天然舒特保湿精华
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CC3 Nano Protex Aqua

Sep 30, 2014
CC3 Nano Protex Aqua
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Antibacterial effects of silver 
Silver is one of the trace elements within the Periodic Table. Traces of silver are harmless to humans. The WHO (World Health Organisation) safety guidelines for ingestion of silver  is 0.05ppm or less of silver ions in drinking water. Limit of 0.05mg / l litre
Mr Zhang Wenzheng speaking on the Antibacterial properties related to silver metal ions and photocatalysis, said. Chemical structure determines whether the silver  has a high catalytic ability, extremely high oxidation and reduced potential of silver. The chemical structure also determines whether there is enough space around it to produce atomic oxygen. Oxygen atoms can be sterilized with strong oxidizing, Ag + can be strongly attracted to the bacterial body mercapto (-SH) elastase, which rapidly combine so that the loss of activity of the protease results in bacterial death. When the bacteria are killed,  Ag + are freed and then attack the other colonies of bacteria in the body, again and again to carry out the above process, which is the reason for the persistence of silver sterilization. According to the determination, when water contains Ag + 0.01mg / 1, the water will be able to completely kill large bacillus and can maintain this for up to 90 days without spawning new flora. 
Nano-silver particles in the sterilization process can identify good flora and  beneficial bacteria that can maintain a good living environment for the human body's normal flora and cells without any damaging effects and does not destroy the body's immune system. Therefore, silver nanoparticles in the human body do not have any toxic reactions or irritation.
Colloidal silver (particle sizes ranging between fine particles of 10-100nm) has a more effective bactericidal effect. BRAUN and KOCH analyzed the effect of  in-vitro tests of silver. They tested a few species of natural growths of human oral microbes and microbial innoculation in agar plates. Then placed a gelatin sponge containing silver into the agar plates containing the microbes. The results showed clearly that colloidal silver has bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties.  These properties  can prevent wound infection and secondary infection. Their study also confirmed that colloidal silver has insolubility not eluted from the sponge, with a sustained release effect. Recent studies further confirmed the validity of colloidal silver. 1992 L + S GmbH (Germany, the test report number 1117021,1117020). Their test procedures fully comply with the German Pharmacopoeia antibacterial materials on evaluation methods. They  conducted two trials and tested the effects of colloidal silver on bacteria, yeasts and fungi. Observed in a specific time period, colloidal silver was found to have a significant antibacterial effect, with no growth of microorganisms. The lab concluded: colloidal silver has antibacterial effects.

Nano Nature Protex Cream

Sep 14, 2014
Nano Nature Protex Cream
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Nano Nature Protex Cream 纳米银离子芦荟保肤霜(含葡萄籽精华)


有关银的抗菌机理,为金属离子作用和光催化作用。 张文钲 先生曾论述:银的化学结构决定了银具有较高的催化能力,高氧化态银的还原势极高,足以使其周围空间产生原子氧。原子氧具有强氧化性可以灭菌,Ag+可以强烈地吸引细菌体中蛋白酶上的巯基(-SH),迅速与其结合在一起,使蛋白酶丧失活性,导致细菌死亡。当细菌被Ag+杀后,Ag+又由细菌尸体中游离出来,再与其它菌落接触,周而复始地进行上述过程,这也是银杀菌持久性的原因。据测定,水中含Ag+为0.01mg/1时,就能完全杀死水中的大杆菌,能保持长达90天内不繁衍出新的菌丛。
胶质银(粒径介于10-100nm之间的微细颗粒)具有更有效的杀菌作用,BRAUN和KOCH通过体外试验分析了银的效应。他们将数种特殊微生物和人类口腔内自然生长的微生物接种在琼脂培养皿内,再置入含银的明胶海绵。实验结果清晰地显示出胶质银具有抑菌和杀菌效应,这一效应可以防止伤口感染和继发感染。他们的研究还证实由于胶质银具有不溶解性,不会从海绵中洗脱,具有缓释效应。而近期的研究进一步证实了胶质银的有效性。1992年L+S GmbH(德国,试验报告编号1117021、1117020)进行了2次试验。他们的试验程序完全遵循德国药典关于抗菌材料的测评方法,测试了胶质银对于细菌、酵母菌和真菌的作用。在特定时间段内进行观察,发现胶质银具有显著的抗菌作用,在其周围无微生物生长。该实验室得出结论:胶质银具有抗菌效应。  

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